PortAudio  2.0
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pa_mac_core_blocking.h File Reference
#include "pa_ringbuffer.h"
#include "portaudio.h"
#include "pa_mac_core_utilities.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PaMacBlio




PaError initializeBlioRingBuffers (PaMacBlio *blio, PaSampleFormat inputSampleFormat, PaSampleFormat outputSampleFormat, long ringBufferSizeInFrames, int inChan, int outChan)
PaError destroyBlioRingBuffers (PaMacBlio *blio)
PaError resetBlioRingBuffers (PaMacBlio *blio)
int BlioCallback (const void *input, void *output, unsigned long frameCount, const PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo *timeInfo, PaStreamCallbackFlags statusFlags, void *userData)
PaError waitUntilBlioWriteBufferIsEmpty (PaMacBlio *blio, double sampleRate, size_t framesPerBuffer)

Macro Definition Documentation


Referenced by ReadStream(), and WriteStream().

Function Documentation

int BlioCallback ( const void *  input,
void *  output,
unsigned long  frameCount,
const PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo timeInfo,
PaStreamCallbackFlags  statusFlags,
void *  userData 
PaError destroyBlioRingBuffers ( PaMacBlio blio)
PaError initializeBlioRingBuffers ( PaMacBlio blio,
PaSampleFormat  inputSampleFormat,
PaSampleFormat  outputSampleFormat,
long  ringBufferSizeInFrames,
int  inChan,
int  outChan 
PaError resetBlioRingBuffers ( PaMacBlio blio)
PaError waitUntilBlioWriteBufferIsEmpty ( PaMacBlio blio,
double  sampleRate,
size_t  framesPerBuffer