PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo Struct Reference

#include <portaudio.h>

Data Fields

PaTime inputBufferAdcTime
PaTime currentTime
PaTime outputBufferDacTime

Detailed Description

Timing information for the buffers passed to the stream callback.

Time values are expressed in seconds and are synchronised with the time base used by Pa_GetStreamTime() for the associated stream.

See Also
PaStreamCallback, Pa_GetStreamTime

Field Documentation

PaTime PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo::currentTime

The time when the stream callback was invoked

Referenced by ProcessingThread(), and ProcessingThreadProc().

PaTime PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo::inputBufferAdcTime

The time when the first sample of the input buffer was captured at the ADC input

Referenced by PaUtil_BeginBufferProcessing(), and ProcessingThread().

PaTime PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo::outputBufferDacTime

The time when the first sample of the output buffer will output the DAC

Referenced by PaUtil_BeginBufferProcessing(), ProcessingThread(), and ProcessingThreadProc().

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