PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaUtilHostApiSpecificStreamInfoHeader Struct Reference

#include <pa_hostapi.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long size
PaHostApiTypeId hostApiType
unsigned long version

Detailed Description

The common header for all data structures whose pointers are passed through the hostApiSpecificStreamInfo field of the PaStreamParameters structure. Note that in order to keep the public PortAudio interface clean, this structure is not used explicitly when declaring hostApiSpecificStreamInfo data structures. However, some code in pa_front depends on the first 3 members being equivalent with this structure.

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Field Documentation

PaHostApiTypeId PaUtilHostApiSpecificStreamInfoHeader::hostApiType

host API for which this data is intended

unsigned long PaUtilHostApiSpecificStreamInfoHeader::size

size of whole structure including this header

unsigned long PaUtilHostApiSpecificStreamInfoHeader::version

structure version

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