PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaAsiHpiStreamComponent Struct Reference

Data Fields

hpi_handle_t hpiStream
struct hpi_format hpiFormat
uint32_t bytesPerFrame
uint32_t hardwareBufferSize
uint32_t hostBufferSize
uint32_t outputBufferCap
uint8_t * tempBuffer
uint32_t tempBufferSize

Detailed Description

Stream component data (associated with one direction, i.e. either input or output)

Field Documentation

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::bytesPerFrame

Number of bytes per frame, derived from hpiFormat and saved for convenience

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::hardwareBufferSize

Size of hardware (on-card) buffer of stream in bytes

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::hostBufferSize

Size of host (BBM) buffer of stream in bytes (if used)

PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo* PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::hpiDevice

Device information (HPI handles, etc)

struct hpi_format PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::hpiFormat

Stream format, as passed to HPI interface

hpi_handle_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::hpiStream

Stream handle, as passed to HPI interface.

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::outputBufferCap

Upper limit on the utilization of output stream buffer (both hardware and host). This prevents large latencies in an output-only stream with a potentially huge buffer and a fast data generator, which would otherwise keep the hardware buffer filled to capacity. See also the "Hardware Buffering=off" option in the AudioScience WAV driver.

uint8_t* PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::tempBuffer

Sample buffer (halfway station between HPI and buffer processor)

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamComponent::tempBufferSize

Sample buffer size, in bytes

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