PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

PaDeviceInfo baseDeviceInfo
uint16_t adapterIndex
uint16_t adapterType
uint16_t adapterVersion
uint32_t adapterSerialNumber
uint16_t streamIndex
uint16_t streamIsOutput

Detailed Description

Device data

Field Documentation

uint16_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::adapterIndex

Adapter index

uint32_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::adapterSerialNumber

Adapter serial number

uint16_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::adapterType

Adapter model number (hex)

uint16_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::adapterVersion

Adapter HW/SW version

PaDeviceInfo PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::baseDeviceInfo

Common PortAudio device information

uint16_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::streamIndex

Stream number

uint16_t PaAsiHpiDeviceInfo::streamIsOutput

0=Input, 1=Output (HPI streams are either input or output but not both)

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