PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaAsiHpiStream Struct Reference

Data Fields

PaUtilStreamRepresentation baseStreamRep
PaUtilCpuLoadMeasurer cpuLoadMeasurer
PaUtilBufferProcessor bufferProcessor
uint32_t pollingInterval
int callbackMode
unsigned long maxFramesPerHostBuffer
int neverDropInput
void ** blockingUserBufferCopy
PaUnixThread thread
volatile sig_atomic_t state
volatile sig_atomic_t callbackAbort
volatile sig_atomic_t callbackFinished

Detailed Description

Stream data

Field Documentation

PaUtilAllocationGroup* PaAsiHpiStream::allocations
PaUtilStreamRepresentation PaAsiHpiStream::baseStreamRep
void** PaAsiHpiStream::blockingUserBufferCopy

Contains copy of user buffers, used by blocking interface to transfer non-interleaved data. It went here instead of to each stream component, as the stream component buffer setup in PaAsiHpi_SetupBuffers doesn't know the stream details such as callbackMode. (Maybe a problem later if ReadStream and WriteStream happens concurrently on same stream.)

PaUtilBufferProcessor PaAsiHpiStream::bufferProcessor
volatile sig_atomic_t PaAsiHpiStream::callbackAbort

Hard abort, i.e. drop frames?

volatile sig_atomic_t PaAsiHpiStream::callbackFinished

True if stream stopped via exiting callback with paComplete/paAbort flag (as opposed to explicit call to StopStream/AbortStream)

int PaAsiHpiStream::callbackMode

Are we running in callback mode?

PaUtilCpuLoadMeasurer PaAsiHpiStream::cpuLoadMeasurer
PaAsiHpiStreamComponent* PaAsiHpiStream::input

Separate structs for input and output sides of stream

unsigned long PaAsiHpiStream::maxFramesPerHostBuffer

Number of frames to transfer at a time to/from HPI

int PaAsiHpiStream::neverDropInput

Indicates that the stream is in the paNeverDropInput mode

PaAsiHpiStreamComponent * PaAsiHpiStream::output
uint32_t PaAsiHpiStream::pollingInterval

Polling interval (in milliseconds)

volatile sig_atomic_t PaAsiHpiStream::state

PortAudio stream state (Active/Stopped/CallbackFinished)

PaUnixThread PaAsiHpiStream::thread

Helper thread which will deliver data to user callback

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