PortAudio  2.0
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pa_linux_alsa.h File Reference

ALSA-specific PortAudio API extension header file. More...

#include "portaudio.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PaAlsaStreamInfo


typedef struct PaAlsaStreamInfo PaAlsaStreamInfo


void PaAlsa_InitializeStreamInfo (PaAlsaStreamInfo *info)
void PaAlsa_EnableRealtimeScheduling (PaStream *s, int enable)
PaError PaAlsa_GetStreamInputCard (PaStream *s, int *card)
PaError PaAlsa_GetStreamOutputCard (PaStream *s, int *card)
PaError PaAlsa_SetNumPeriods (int numPeriods)
PaError PaAlsa_SetRetriesBusy (int retries)
void PaAlsa_SetLibraryPathName (const char *pathName)

Detailed Description

ALSA-specific PortAudio API extension header file.

Definition in file pa_linux_alsa.h.

Function Documentation

void PaAlsa_EnableRealtimeScheduling ( PaStream s,
int  enable 

Instruct whether to enable real-time priority when starting the audio thread.

If this is turned on by the stream is started, the audio callback thread will be created with the FIFO scheduling policy, which is suitable for realtime operation.

PaError PaAlsa_GetStreamInputCard ( PaStream s,
int *  card 

Get the ALSA-lib card index of this stream's input device.

PaError PaAlsa_GetStreamOutputCard ( PaStream s,
int *  card 

Get the ALSA-lib card index of this stream's output device.

void PaAlsa_InitializeStreamInfo ( PaAlsaStreamInfo info)

Initialize host API specific structure, call this before setting relevant attributes.

void PaAlsa_SetLibraryPathName ( const char *  pathName)

Set the path and name of ALSA library file if PortAudio is configured to load it dynamically (see PA_ALSA_DYNAMIC). This setting will overwrite the default name set by PA_ALSA_PATHNAME define.

pathNameFull path with filename. Only filename can be used, but dlopen() will lookup default searchable directories (/usr/lib;/usr/local/lib) then.
PaError PaAlsa_SetNumPeriods ( int  numPeriods)

Set the number of periods (buffer fragments) to configure devices with.

By default the number of periods is 4, this is the lowest number of periods that works well on the author's soundcard.

numPeriodsThe number of periods.
PaError PaAlsa_SetRetriesBusy ( int  retries)

Set the maximum number of times to retry opening busy device (sleeping for a short interval inbetween).