PortAudio  2.0

JACK-specific PortAudio API extension header file. More...

#include "portaudio.h"

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PaError PaJack_SetClientName (const char *name)
PaError PaJack_GetClientName (const char **clientName)

Detailed Description

JACK-specific PortAudio API extension header file.

Definition in file pa_jack.h.

Function Documentation

PaError PaJack_GetClientName ( const char **  clientName)

Get the JACK client name used by PA JACK.

The caller is responsible for freeing the returned pointer.

PaError PaJack_SetClientName ( const char *  name)

Set the JACK client name.

During Pa_Initialize, When PA JACK connects as a client of the JACK server, it requests a certain name, which is for instance prepended to port names. By default this name is "PortAudio". The JACK server may append a suffix to the client name, in order to avoid clashes among clients that try to connect with the same name (e.g., different PA JACK clients).

This function must be called before Pa_Initialize, otherwise it won't have any effect. Note that the string is not copied, but instead referenced directly, so it must not be freed for as long as PA might need it.

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