PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
TestData Struct Reference

Data Fields

float sine [TABLE_SIZE]
int phase
unsigned long generatedFramesCount
volatile int callbackReturnedPaComplete
volatile int callbackInvokedAfterReturningPaComplete
char message [100]
int repeatCount
double phase
double lowIncrement
double highIncrement
int gap1Length
int toneLength
int toneFadesLength
int gap2Length
int blipLength
int gap1Countdown
int toneCountdown
int gap2Countdown
int blipCountdown

Field Documentation

int TestData::blipCountdown
int TestData::blipLength
volatile int TestData::callbackInvokedAfterReturningPaComplete
volatile int TestData::callbackReturnedPaComplete
int TestData::gap1Countdown
int TestData::gap1Length
int TestData::gap2Countdown
int TestData::gap2Length
unsigned long TestData::generatedFramesCount
double TestData::highIncrement
double TestData::lowIncrement
char TestData::message[100]
int TestData::phase
double TestData::phase
int TestData::repeatCount
float TestData::sine
int TestData::toneCountdown
int TestData::toneFadesLength
int TestData::toneLength

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