PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaWinWDMKSDeviceInfo Struct Reference

#include <pa_win_wdmks.h>

Data Fields

wchar_t filterPath [MAX_PATH]
wchar_t topologyPath [MAX_PATH]
PaWDMKSType streamingType
GUID deviceProductGuid

Field Documentation

GUID PaWinWDMKSDeviceInfo::deviceProductGuid

The product GUID of the device (if supported)

wchar_t PaWinWDMKSDeviceInfo::filterPath[MAX_PATH]

KS filter path in Unicode!

PaWDMKSType PaWinWDMKSDeviceInfo::streamingType

Referenced by ProcessingThread().

wchar_t PaWinWDMKSDeviceInfo::topologyPath[MAX_PATH]

Topology filter path in Unicode!

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