PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo Struct Reference

#include <pa_win_ds.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long size
PaHostApiTypeId hostApiType
unsigned long version
unsigned long flags
unsigned long framesPerBuffer
PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask channelMask

Field Documentation

PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::channelMask

support for WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE channel masks. If flags contains paWinDirectSoundUseChannelMask this allows you to specify which speakers to address in a multichannel stream. Constants for channelMask are specified in pa_win_waveformat.h

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unsigned long PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::flags

enable other features of this struct

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unsigned long PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::framesPerBuffer

low-level latency setting support Sets the size of the DirectSound host buffer. When flags contains the paWinDirectSoundUseLowLevelLatencyParameters this size will be used instead of interpreting the generic latency parameters to Pa_OpenStream(). If the flag is not set this value is ignored.

If the stream is a full duplex stream the implementation requires that the values of framesPerBuffer for input and output match (if both are specified).

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PaHostApiTypeId PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::hostApiType


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unsigned long PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::size


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unsigned long PaWinDirectSoundStreamInfo::version


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