PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaWasapiStreamInfo Struct Reference

#include <pa_win_wasapi.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long size
PaHostApiTypeId hostApiType
unsigned long version
unsigned long flags
PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask channelMask
PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback hostProcessorOutput
PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback hostProcessorInput
PaWasapiThreadPriority threadPriority
PaWasapiStreamCategory streamCategory
PaWasapiStreamOption streamOption

Field Documentation

PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask PaWasapiStreamInfo::channelMask

Support for WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE channel masks. If flags contains paWinWasapiUseChannelMask this allows you to specify which speakers to address in a multichannel stream. Constants for channelMask are specified in pa_win_waveformat.h. Will be used only if paWinWasapiUseChannelMask flag is specified.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::flags

collection of PaWasapiFlags

PaHostApiTypeId PaWasapiStreamInfo::hostApiType


PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback PaWasapiStreamInfo::hostProcessorInput
PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback PaWasapiStreamInfo::hostProcessorOutput

Delivers raw data to callback obtained from GetBuffer() methods skipping internal PortAudio processing inventory completely. userData parameter will be the same that was passed to Pa_OpenStream method. Will be used only if paWinWasapiRedirectHostProcessor flag is specified.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::size


PaWasapiStreamCategory PaWasapiStreamInfo::streamCategory

Stream category.

See Also
Available as of 19.6.0
PaWasapiStreamOption PaWasapiStreamInfo::streamOption

Stream option.

See Also
Available as of 19.6.0
PaWasapiThreadPriority PaWasapiStreamInfo::threadPriority

Specifies thread priority explicitly. Will be used only if paWinWasapiThreadPriority flag is specified.

Please note, if Input/Output streams are opened simultaniously (Full-Duplex mode) you shall specify same value for threadPriority or othervise one of the values will be used to setup thread priority.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::version


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