PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo Struct Reference

#include <pa_win_wdmks.h>

Data Fields

PaDeviceIndex device
unsigned channels
unsigned framesPerHostBuffer
int endpointPinId
int muxNodeId
PaWDMKSSubType streamingSubType

Field Documentation

unsigned PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::channels

No of channels the device is opened with

PaDeviceIndex PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::device
int PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::endpointPinId

Endpoint pin ID (on topology filter if topologyName is not empty)

unsigned PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::framesPerHostBuffer

No of frames of the device buffer

int PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::muxNodeId

Only valid for input

PaWDMKSSubType PaWDMKSDirectionSpecificStreamInfo::streamingSubType

Not known until device is opened for streaming

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