PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaUtilStreamInterface Struct Reference

#include <pa_stream.h>

Data Fields

PaError(* Close )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* Start )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* Stop )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* Abort )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* IsStopped )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* IsActive )(PaStream *stream)
PaTime(* GetTime )(PaStream *stream)
double(* GetCpuLoad )(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* Read )(PaStream *stream, void *buffer, unsigned long frames)
PaError(* Write )(PaStream *stream, const void *buffer, unsigned long frames)
signed long(* GetReadAvailable )(PaStream *stream)
signed long(* GetWriteAvailable )(PaStream *stream)

Detailed Description

A structure representing an (abstract) interface to a host API. Contains pointers to functions which implement the interface.

All PaStreamInterface functions are guaranteed to be called with a non-null, valid stream parameter.

Field Documentation

PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Abort)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Close)(PaStream *stream)
double(* PaUtilStreamInterface::GetCpuLoad)(PaStream *stream)
signed long(* PaUtilStreamInterface::GetReadAvailable)(PaStream *stream)
PaTime(* PaUtilStreamInterface::GetTime)(PaStream *stream)
signed long(* PaUtilStreamInterface::GetWriteAvailable)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::IsActive)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::IsStopped)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Read)(PaStream *stream, void *buffer, unsigned long frames)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Start)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Stop)(PaStream *stream)
PaError(* PaUtilStreamInterface::Write)(PaStream *stream, const void *buffer, unsigned long frames)

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