PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaQaRecording_s Struct Reference

#include <audio_analyzer.h>

Data Fields

int maxFrames
float * buffer
int numFrames
int sampleRate

Detailed Description

Container for a monophonic audio sample in memory.

Field Documentation

float* PaQaRecording_s::buffer
int PaQaRecording_s::maxFrames

Maximum number of frames that can fit in the allocated buffer.

Referenced by PaQa_FilterRecording(), PaQa_InitializeRecording(), PaQa_RecordFreeze(), PaQa_TerminateRecording(), PaQa_WriteRecording(), and PaQa_WriteSilence().

int PaQaRecording_s::numFrames
int PaQaRecording_s::sampleRate

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