PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaOssStreamComponent Struct Reference

Data Fields

int fd
const char * devName
int userChannelCount
int hostChannelCount
int userInterleaved
void * buffer
PaSampleFormat userFormat
PaSampleFormat hostFormat
double latency
unsigned long hostFrames
unsigned long numBufs
void ** userBuffers

Detailed Description

Per-direction structure for PaOssStream.

Aspect StreamChannels: In case the user requests to open the same device for both capture and playback, but with different number of channels we will have to adapt between the number of user and host channels for at least one direction, since the configuration space is the same for both directions of an OSS device.

Field Documentation

void* PaOssStreamComponent::buffer
const char* PaOssStreamComponent::devName
int PaOssStreamComponent::fd
int PaOssStreamComponent::hostChannelCount
PaSampleFormat PaOssStreamComponent::hostFormat
unsigned long PaOssStreamComponent::hostFrames
double PaOssStreamComponent::latency
unsigned long PaOssStreamComponent::numBufs
void** PaOssStreamComponent::userBuffers
int PaOssStreamComponent::userChannelCount
PaSampleFormat PaOssStreamComponent::userFormat
int PaOssStreamComponent::userInterleaved

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