PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaAsioStreamBlockingState Struct Reference

Data Fields

int stopFlag
unsigned long writeBuffersRequested
unsigned long readFramesRequested
int writeBuffersRequestedFlag
int readFramesRequestedFlag
HANDLE writeBuffersReadyEvent
HANDLE readFramesReadyEvent
void * writeRingBufferData
void * readRingBufferData
PaUtilRingBuffer writeRingBuffer
PaUtilRingBuffer readRingBuffer
long writeRingBufferInitialFrames
const void ** writeStreamBuffer
void ** readStreamBuffer
PaUtilBufferProcessor bufferProcessor
int outputUnderflowFlag
int inputOverflowFlag

Detailed Description

A data structure specifically for storing blocking i/o related data.

Field Documentation

PaUtilBufferProcessor PaAsioStreamBlockingState::bufferProcessor

Buffer processor, used to handle the blocking i/o ring buffers.

int PaAsioStreamBlockingState::inputOverflowFlag

Flag to signal an input overflow from within the callback function.

int PaAsioStreamBlockingState::outputUnderflowFlag

Flag to signal an output underflow from within the callback function.

HANDLE PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readFramesReadyEvent

Event to signal that requested input frames are available.

unsigned long PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readFramesRequested

The number of available input frames, requested by the ReadStream() function.

int PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readFramesRequestedFlag

Flag to indicate that ReadStream() requires more input frames to be available.

PaUtilRingBuffer PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readRingBuffer

Frame-aligned blocking i/o ring buffer to store input data (interleaved user format).

void* PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readRingBufferData

The actual ring buffer memory, used by the input ring buffer.

void** PaAsioStreamBlockingState::readStreamBuffer

Temp buffer, used by ReadStream() for handling non-interleaved data.

int PaAsioStreamBlockingState::stopFlag

Flag indicating that block processing is to be stopped.

HANDLE PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeBuffersReadyEvent

Event to signal that requested output buffers are available.

unsigned long PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeBuffersRequested

The number of available output buffers, requested by the WriteStream() function.

int PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeBuffersRequestedFlag

Flag to indicate that WriteStream() has requested more output buffers to be available.

PaUtilRingBuffer PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeRingBuffer

Frame-aligned blocking i/o ring buffer to store output data (interleaved user format).

void* PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeRingBufferData

The actual ring buffer memory, used by the output ring buffer.

long PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeRingBufferInitialFrames

The initial number of silent frames within the output ring buffer.

const void** PaAsioStreamBlockingState::writeStreamBuffer

Temp buffer, used by WriteStream() for handling non-interleaved data.

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