PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaAsiHpiStreamInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint16_t state
uint32_t bufferSize
uint32_t dataSize
uint32_t frameCounter
uint32_t auxDataSize
uint32_t totalBufferedData
uint32_t availableFrames
int overflow
int underflow

Detailed Description

Stream state information, collected together for convenience

Field Documentation

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::auxDataSize

Amount of data (in bytes) in hardware (on-card) buffer. This differs from dataSize if bus mastering (BBM) is used, which introduces another driver-level buffer to which dataSize/bufferSize then refers.

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::availableFrames

Size of immediately available data (for input) or space (for output) in frames. This only checks the first-level buffer (typically host buffer). This amount can be transferred immediately.

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::bufferSize

Size (in bytes) of recording/playback data buffer in HPI driver

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::dataSize

Amount of data (in bytes) available in the buffer

uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::frameCounter

Number of frames played/recorded since last stream reset

int PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::overflow

Indicates that hardware buffer is getting too full

uint16_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::state


uint32_t PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::totalBufferedData

Total number of data frames currently buffered by HPI driver (host + hw buffers)

int PaAsiHpiStreamInfo::underflow

Indicates that hardware buffer is getting too empty

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