PortAudio  2.0
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pa_hostapi_skeleton.c File Reference

Skeleton implementation of support for a host API. More...

#include <string.h>
#include "pa_util.h"
#include "pa_allocation.h"
#include "pa_hostapi.h"
#include "pa_stream.h"
#include "pa_cpuload.h"
#include "pa_process.h"

Data Structures

struct  PaSkeletonHostApiRepresentation
struct  PaSkeletonStream


#define PA_SKELETON_SET_LAST_HOST_ERROR(errorCode, errorText)   PaUtil_SetLastHostErrorInfo( paInDevelopment, errorCode, errorText )


typedef struct PaSkeletonStream PaSkeletonStream


PaError PaSkeleton_Initialize (PaUtilHostApiRepresentation **hostApi, PaHostApiIndex index)

Detailed Description

Skeleton implementation of support for a host API.

This file is provided as a starting point for implementing support for a new host API. It provides examples of how the common code can be used.

IMPLEMENT ME comments are used to indicate functionality which much be customised for each implementation.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PA_SKELETON_SET_LAST_HOST_ERROR (   errorCode,
)    PaUtil_SetLastHostErrorInfo( paInDevelopment, errorCode, errorText )

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

PaError PaSkeleton_Initialize ( PaUtilHostApiRepresentation **  hostApi,
PaHostApiIndex  index