PortAudio  2.0
pa_endianness.h File Reference

Configure endianness symbols for the target processor. More...

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Detailed Description

Configure endianness symbols for the target processor.

Arrange for either the PA_LITTLE_ENDIAN or PA_BIG_ENDIAN preprocessor symbols to be defined. The one that is defined reflects the endianness of the target platform and may be used to implement conditional compilation of byte-order dependent code.

If either PA_LITTLE_ENDIAN or PA_BIG_ENDIAN is defined already, then no attempt is made to override that setting. This may be useful if you have a better way of determining the platform's endianness. The autoconf mechanism uses this for example.

A PA_VALIDATE_ENDIANNESS macro is provided to compare the compile time and runtime endiannes and raise an assertion if they don't match.

Macro Definition Documentation

{ \
const long nativeOne = 1; \
assert( "PortAudio: compile time and runtime endianness don't match" && (((char *)&nativeOne)[0]) == 0 ); \

Referenced by Pa_Initialize().