PortAudio  2.0
test Directory Reference


file  pa_minlat.c
 Experiment with different numbers of buffers to determine the minimum latency for a computer.
file  patest1.c
 Ring modulate the audio input with a sine wave for 20 seconds.
file  patest_buffer.c
 Test opening streams with different buffer sizes.
file  patest_callbackstop.c
 Test the paComplete callback result code.
file  patest_clip.c
 Play a sine wave for several seconds at an amplitude that would require clipping.
file  patest_converters.c
 Tests the converter functions in pa_converters.c.
file  patest_dither.c
 Attempt to hear difference between dithered and non-dithered signal.
file  patest_dsound_find_best_latency_params.c
file  patest_dsound_low_level_latency_params.c
file  patest_dsound_surround.c
file  patest_hang.c
 Play a sine then hang audio callback to test watchdog.
file  patest_in_overflow.c
 Count input overflows (using paInputOverflow flag) under overloaded and normal conditions. This test uses the same method to overload the stream as does patest_out_underflow.c – it generates sine waves until the cpu load exceeds a certain level. However this test is only concerned with input and so doesn't ouput any sound.
file  patest_jack_wasapi.c
file  patest_latency.c
 Hear the latency caused by big buffers. Play a sine wave and change frequency based on letter input.
file  patest_leftright.c
 Play different tone sine waves that alternate between left and right channel.
file  patest_longsine.c
 Play a sine wave until ENTER hit.
file  patest_many.c
 Start and stop the PortAudio Driver multiple times.
file  patest_maxsines.c
 How many sine waves can we calculate and play in less than 80% CPU Load.
file  patest_mono.c
 Play a monophonic sine wave using the Portable Audio api for several seconds.
file  patest_multi_sine.c
 Play a different sine wave on each channel.
file  patest_out_underflow.c
 Count output underflows (using paOutputUnderflow flag) under overloaded and normal conditions.
file  patest_prime.c
 Test stream priming mode.
file  patest_read_record.c
 Record input into an array; Save array to a file; Playback recorded data. Implemented using the blocking API (Pa_ReadStream(), Pa_WriteStream() )
file  patest_ringmix.c
 Ring modulate inputs to left output, mix inputs to right output.
file  patest_sine8.c
 Test 8 bit data: play a sine wave for several seconds.
file  patest_sine_channelmaps.c
 Plays sine waves using sme simple channel maps. Designed for use with CoreAudio, but should made to work with other APIs.
file  patest_sine_formats.c
 Play a sine wave for several seconds. Test various data formats.
file  patest_sine_srate.c
file  patest_sine_time.c
 Play a sine wave for several seconds, pausing in the middle. Uses the Pa_GetStreamTime() call.
file  patest_start_stop.c
 Play a sine wave for several seconds. Start and stop the stream multiple times.
file  patest_stop.c
 Test different ways of stopping audio.
file  patest_stop_playout.c
 Test whether all queued samples are played when Pa_StopStream() is used with a callback or read/write stream, or when the callback returns paComplete.
file  patest_suggested_vs_streaminfo_latency.c
 Print suggested vs. PaStreamInfo reported actual latency.
file  patest_sync.c
 Test time stamping and synchronization of audio and video.
file  patest_timing.c
 Play a sine wave for several seconds, and spits out a ton of timing info while it's at it. Based on patest_sine.c.
file  patest_toomanysines.c
 Play more sine waves than we can handle in real time as a stress test.
file  patest_two_rates.c
 Play two streams at different rates to make sure they don't interfere.
file  patest_underflow.c
 Simulate an output buffer underflow condition. Tests whether the stream can be stopped when underflowing buffers.
file  patest_unplug.c
 Debug a crash involving unplugging a USB device.
file  patest_wire.c
 Pass input directly to output.
file  patest_wmme_find_best_latency_params.c
file  patest_wmme_low_level_latency_params.c
file  patest_write_stop.c
 Play a few seconds of silence followed by a few cycles of a sine wave. Tests to make sure that pa_StopStream() completes playback in blocking I/O.
file  patest_write_stop_hang_illegal.c