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biquad_filter.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  BiquadFilter_s


#define BIQUAD_MIN_RATIO   (0.000001)
#define BIQUAD_MIN_Q   (0.00001)


typedef struct BiquadFilter_s BiquadFilter


void BiquadFilter_SetupHighPass (BiquadFilter *filter, double ratio, double Q)
void BiquadFilter_SetupNotch (BiquadFilter *filter, double ratio, double Q)
void BiquadFilter_Filter (BiquadFilter *filter, float *inputs, float *outputs, int numSamples)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BIQUAD_MIN_Q   (0.00001)
#define BIQUAD_MIN_RATIO   (0.000001)
 Unit_BiquadFilter implements a second order IIR filter. 
(C) 2002 Phil Burk, SoftSynth.com, All Rights Reserved

Referenced by BiquadFilter_SetupHighPass(), and BiquadFilter_SetupNotch().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct BiquadFilter_s BiquadFilter

Function Documentation

void BiquadFilter_Filter ( BiquadFilter filter,
float *  inputs,
float *  outputs,
int  numSamples 
void BiquadFilter_SetupHighPass ( BiquadFilter filter,
double  ratio,
double  Q 
void BiquadFilter_SetupNotch ( BiquadFilter filter,
double  ratio,
double  Q