PortAudio  2.0
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*BlockingStream.javaA blocking read/write stream
o*DeviceInfo.javaInformation about a JPortAudio device
o*HostApiInfo.javaInformation about a JPortAudio Host API
o*pa_asio.hASIO-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_devs.cList available devices, including device information
o*pa_fuzz.cDistort input like a fuzz box
o*pa_jack.hJACK-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_linux_alsa.hALSA-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_mac_core.hCoreAudio-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_win_ds.hDirectSound-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_win_wasapi.hWASAPI-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_win_waveformat.hWindows specific PortAudio API extension and utilities header file
o*pa_win_wdmks.hWDM Kernel Streaming-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*pa_win_wmme.hWMME-specific PortAudio API extension header file
o*paex_mono_asio_channel_select.cPlay a monophonic sine wave on a specific ASIO channel
o*paex_ocean_shore.cGenerate Pink Noise using Gardner method, and make "waves". Provides an example of how to post stuff to/from the audio callback using lock-free FIFOs implemented by the PA ringbuffer
o*paex_pink.cGenerate Pink Noise using Gardner method
o*paex_read_write_wire.cTests full duplex blocking I/O by passing input straight to output
o*paex_record.cRecord input into an array; Save array to a file; Playback recorded data
o*paex_record_file.cRecord input into a file, then playback recorded data from file (Windows only at the moment)
o*paex_saw.cPlay a simple (aliasing) sawtooth wave
o*paex_sine.cPlay a sine wave for several seconds
o*paex_wmme_ac3.cUse WMME-specific interface to send raw AC3 data to a S/PDIF output
o*paex_wmme_surround.cUse WMME-specific channelMask to request 5.1 surround sound output
o*paex_write_sine.cPlay a sine wave for several seconds using the blocking API (Pa_WriteStream())
o*paex_write_sine_nonint.cPlay a non-interleaved sine wave using the blocking API (Pa_WriteStream())
o*PlaySine.javaExample that shows how to play sine waves using JPortAudio
o*portaudio.hThe portable PortAudio API
o*PortAudio.javaJava wrapper for the PortAudio API
o*StreamInfo.javaInformation about a JPortAudio Stream
o*StreamParameters.javaOptions to use when opening a stream