PortAudio  2.0
Building Portaudio for Windows with MinGW

Portaudio for Windows With MinGW

This document contains old or out-of-date information. Please see a draft of new MinGW information on our Wiki: PortAudio Wiki: Notes about building PortAudio with MinGW

= MinGW/MSYS =

From the [http://www.mingw.org MinGW projectpage]:

MinGW: A collection of freely available and freely distributable Windows specific header files and import libraries, augmenting the GNU Compiler Collection, (GCC), and its associated tools, (GNU binutils). MinGW provides a complete Open Source programming tool set which is suitable for the development of native Windows programs that do not depend on any 3rd-party C runtime DLLs.

MSYS: A Minimal SYStem providing a POSIX compatible Bourne shell environment, with a small collection of UNIX command line tools. Primarily developed as a means to execute the configure scripts and Makefiles used to build Open Source software, but also useful as a general purpose command line interface to replace Windows cmd.exe.

MinGW provides a compiler/linker toolchain while MSYS is required to actually run the PortAudio configure script.

Once MinGW and MSYS are installed (see the [http://www.mingw.org/MinGWiki MinGW-Wiki]) open an MSYS shell and run the famous:

make install

The above should create a working version though you might want to provide '–prefix=<path-to-install-dir>' to configure.

'./configure –help' gives details as to what can be tinkered with.

— Mikael Magnusson

To update your copy or check out a fresh copy of the source

[wiki:UsingThePortAudioSvnRepository SVN instructions]

— Bob !McGwier

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